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- Reached 96lb (6 pound gain! :D)
- Run time reduced to about 7 minutes, 40 seconds (when I started, it was 9.5 - 11 minutes)
- Hurt my back badly from running. My whole left leg and lower back hurt whenever I put weight on my left side
- Another ultrasound booked for December, hormone testing ready whenever I work up the courage for it

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mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm en We Heart It.

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I was gifted these incredible pieces last night! A good friend of mine got me some stones while traveling in New Zealand and they certainly have a nice energy to them! Another friend of mines mother has thousands of stones and gave me some truly amazing ones. Not only did she give me one of the best pieces of selenite I’ve ever seen, she also gave me a “window to the soul” crystal that has not just one window, but two and record keepers! The happiness I feel right now is overwhelming! I am so grateful!